9 Tips to Sell Your Houston House in a Bad Location

houston bad neighborhood

Do you need to sell an inherited house in one of Houston’s bad neighborhoods? Or is the great house you’ve lived in for years, now unsafe because of the decline of the area? Whatever your situation, you may feel like it is impossible to find a buyer.

Be encouraged. There are buyers for houses in the worst areas of the city. And someone will want your home—whether it’s still a nice house or has become a bit run-down. Following these simple tips can help you sell your house even if it’s in a bad location.

#1 Empathize Benefits for 1st Time Homeowners

After looking for houses, first-time homebuyers quickly realize that their dream home won’t fit their budget. Emphasize anything about your house that is sought after by first-time buyers. Maybe you have a great backyard that’s suitable for entertaining. Perhaps you have large windows and lots of natural sunlight. Make your house appeal to the first-time buyer, as if it is their dream house on a budget.

#2 Rejuvenate the Rooms

Clear out the clutter. Let the sunshine in by getting rid of any unnecessary window treatments. Clean, clean, clean—especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure that the house smells fresh. Consider replacing the light fixtures in living areas and the master bedroom with inexpensive ceiling fans.

#3 Rejuvenate the Exterior

Don’t let overgrown shrubs hide your house from view. Make it look bigger by trimming bushes and pruning your trees. If in season, plant flowers and add some potted plants to your front porch.

#4 Consider Home Staging

Consider repainting any walls that have dark or unusual colors. Use light colors with neutral tones. If you’re still living in the home, arrange your furniture to emphasize the house’s best features. Put out some fresh flowers.

#5 How About Your Neighbors?

If one of your neighbors doesn’t keep up their yard, offer to cut their grass until your house sells.

#6 Hold an Open House

Open houses are an inconvenience, especially when most of your visitors could be curious people from your neighborhood. But it’s good advertising to get the neighbors talking about your property. And you might get a buyer from your area who wants a better house.

#7 Disclose Potential Liabilities

Whether it’s good or bad, fully disclose everything about your house and your neighborhood. If a potential buyer feels like you are holding back information, they might begin to think things are worse than they actually are.

#8 Lower the Price

The way you price your home is the primary reason someone will buy it. Keep a tight budget when getting your house ready to sell. Then you have the room to reduce your asking price to the lowest amount possible.

#9 Consider Owner Financing

If you don’t have a loan on the home, consider offering owner financing. For first-time buyers or those who don’t have established credit, owner financing could be the deciding factor.

How to Sell a Run Down or Nice House in a Bad Neighborhood of Houston

For many years, Cash for Houses Houston TX has bought property in any condition and any area of Houston. It is no problem for us to buy a house in a problem neighborhood. We are the quickest and most reliable cash house buyer that you can find in the city.

Any Condition, Any Place

We don’t just buy nice houses. If your home is a wreck, we will still buy it. And we’re not scared of your neighborhood—even if the local gang hangs out at a house across your street.

We Work Fast

Our entire process is fast. After you contact us, you will have a cash offer, usually within 24 hours.It’s typically less than a month until we complete the deal—and you have your cash.

We Pay Cash

We don’t need to get loan approval after we make an offer. We buy your property with cash—our cash, not that of a bank. Because we do business with cash, the entire process goes very quickly.

We Don’t Charge You for Anything

No hidden fees will surprise you at closing. And don’t worry about deductions for commissions or other closing costs—there are none. You will get the full amount of our cash offer.

We Handle all the Bureaucracy

You will need to sign and date a few documents. But otherwise, we take care of all the paperwork. You only need to show up at the closing and collect your cash.

We Buy Homes Even in the Worst Neighborhoods of Houston, Texas


Sharpstown was developed in the mid-1950s as the first master-planned, auto centered community in Houston. But rampant tax fraud committed by its developer and high-level government executives resulted in the construction of several substandard apartment complexes. As the units quickly deteriorated, so did the neighborhood. And the area has been infested with crime since the 1990s.


In 2018, the Sunnyside area was ranked as the sixth most dangerous neighborhood in the United States (by NeighborhoodScout.com). Recreational drug use is rampant, and the neighborhood has a high number of registered sex offenders. The president of the Sunnyside Civic Association said in 2010 that the Sunnyside area was a “dumping field for anything that’s negative.”

Third Ward

Even the presence of the University of Houston and Texas Southern University hasn’t shaken the ward’s image of poverty and crime. The intersection of Dowling and McGowen Streets ranks among the nation’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods. And the run-down housing in the area overshadows what remains of its stately mansions.

Acres Homes

Owning a house with a large enough tract for a garden sounds idyllic in a city as large as Houston. But the homes in this development weren’t maintained, and the run-down properties were sold to low-income buyers. This neighborhood is one of Houston’s least desirable because of a crime rate with three times the robberies, five times the assaults, and double the murders as compared to the national average.


The oil bust in the 1980s increased residential and commercial vacancies in this once-thriving blend of housing and business. It’s retail center, the Greenspoint Mall, became a hub of crime after the abduction and murder of a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy in 1991. And what has since been known as ‘Gunspoint’ symbolized the deterioration of the neighborhood.

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