Selling a Houston Rental Property with Sitting Tenants Is Not as Hard as You Think

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Selling a home with tenants in situ can be tricky enough, but bad tenants can cause you even more problems. Tenants could refuse showings, wreck your property, or scare away interested buyers. However, there are ways to make selling a rental property with tenants possible with minimal headaches or complications.

What You Can Do to Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ

Here’s How a Landlord Can Sell Their Tenanted House

#1 You May Opt to Wait for Tenancy to Expire

Waiting on the lease to expire means you skip dealing with eviction complications. Without tenants in the residence being uncooperative, you could more readily conduct needed repairs, stage your property, organize open houses, and complete additional work to sell your house. That said, this option is only possible if you aren’t trying to beat an approaching deadline.

#2 You May Evict Your Tenant and then Sell Your Property

If you’re evicting tenants when selling your house, check your lease. Standard rental agreements commonly require tenants to be given 30 to 60 days of a notice.

Since some buyers aren’t interested in properties with tenants in place, evicting residents could allow you to close a deal sooner than if you waited for the lease to end. However, local laws can complicate evicting tenants and delay you from conducting needed renovations and marketing efforts.

#3 You May Make Arrangements to Sell with Tenants Still in the Home

If you can find a buyer interested in your property with sitting tenants, you could sell your house without evicting tenants or waiting months for the lease to expire.

However, tenants could make scheduling showings difficult. Tenants could also leave your property in an unattractive state, which can turn buyers off. With terrible tenants undermining your efforts, closing a deal fast could be next to impossible.

Work with the Best Company that Buys Houses with Tenants in Houston, TX

Selling a tenanted house, condo, or duplex doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. When you want to close a great deal on your property, contact Cash For Houses Houston TX. We’re the most reliable cash house buyers in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas who make obligation-free offers on properties “As Is.” When you want to sell your house but have current tenants, we have you covered.

Experience House Selling Sans the Hassle

With Cash for Houses Houston TX, you don’t have to go through any troubles of marketing your property or organizing multiple home tours. We’ll schedule one walkaround to assess your property. Also, we handle all paperwork and bureaucracy on our end, so selling your tenanted house is a hands-off process.

Do a Quick House Sale

Not only is our real estate transaction easy for landlords selling houses with current tenants, but our process is also exceptionally fast-paced. Since we can close a deal within 3 to 30 days, we’re the most streamlined cash house buyer around. No lease expiration date can slow our transaction down!

Get Cash for Your Home – No Excuses!

Unlike when you sell to another buyer, there’s no chance of our deal falling through because of trouble securing funds. Our process doesn’t involve mortgage approval. Instead, we have cash ready to transfer. We make it so you can feel confident you will collect the money you’ve been guaranteed ASAP.

No Need to Repair or Renovate as We Buy Your House As Is

Because we can buy any type of rental property in any condition, no defects that tenants have caused can keep you from selling to us. Our process involves no due diligence period, repair requests, or other headaches. Instead, you simply sell your property with tenants on a lease “As Is.”

Transparent Transaction with No Hidden Fees

Cash For Houses Houston TX makes it so landlords can sell houses with tenants in situ without dealing with closing costs or hidden fees. We cover all expenses ourselves, so the cash amount we put on the table is what you will receive in exchange for your tenanted house.


Is It a Must to Send a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

Selling with tenants in residence comes with bothersome hurdles landlords need to clear, and sometimes that means notifying your tenants about the sale of the property by writing a letter. This notice must include the date, your tenants’ names, and the house’s address. Tenants will also need notice of upcoming showings, in addition to information on what will happen after a deal on the house is closed.

Drafting this notice is one of many complications you don’t have to deal with when you sell to Cash For Houses Houston TX. We take care of hassles like this for you.

Can You Share some Ideas to Make It Easier to Show My House with Tenants to Buyers?

When there are tenants living in the home you’re selling, cooperation is key to make selling easier. Try giving your tenants ample notice of showings and try working with their schedules. Because showing a rental property with tenants following buyers around could be counterproductive, ask tenants to be elsewhere during showings. You could also keep tenants happy by having a cleaning service fix up the property.

Fortunately, you don’t have to schedule multiple showings or open houses when selling to Cash For Houses Houston TX. Instead, we’ll schedule only one quick walkaround to appraise your house, then make you an offer.

Will I Still Be Able to Arrange Showings if Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings?

To know when you can legally enter as the owner and conduct tours, review your lease. Texas law gives tenants exclusive possession rights, save for exceptions included in the lease, so tenants could possibly refuse a viewing of your apartment or other property. That said, it’s encouraged to give tenants reasonable written or verbal notice of showings.

Landlords selling their houses to Cash For Houses Houston TX don’t deal with the exhausting back-and-forth that comes with scheduling showings that fit with tenants’ stipulations. We handle all successive property viewings ourselves after we close our deal and you collect your cash.

What Options Do I Have if the Tenant Destroyed My Rental Property?

Because landlords have certain rights in Texas, when a tenant destroys a property, landlords aren’t required to pay for repairs.

Renters commonly pay for physical damages beyond general wear and tear. If a tenant refuses to pay for repairs, you may sue for the required funds. If tenants entirely destroyed your house, you could possibly sue for rent. However, section 8 tenants are not required to pay for damages.

You can skip legal headaches or conducting costly repairs by calling Cash For Houses Houston TX. We can buy any rental property no matter the damages for a straightforward cash amount.

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