Don’t Let Problems Delay the Sale of Your Inherited Home in Houston TX

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When a deceased loved one leaves you with a property, you also inherit complicated real estate matters. However, there’s a way to sell inherited property quickly and with fewer difficulties.

What Home Sellers Go Through While Trying to Sell an Inherited House

Inheriting a property may come with complications, whether or not the deceased loved one left a will. Heirs often have to pay debts and mortgage tied to the property, and certain repairs must be made before the house can be sold. Even then, managing an inherited property is no easy feat when multiple heirs have different ideas of what to do with the family home.

Outstanding Payments

Utility bills or mortgage payments can be handled if you have enough money. But sometimes you need to dig the property out of a deep financial hole, as it may come with encumbrances and liens. If your loved one’s financial situation was particularly serious, the debt you inherit can match or exceed the property’s value itself. All things considered, a quick sale is your best solution.

Property Damage

On top of the emotional burden of working through the death of a parent, spouse or companion, you have to fund and arrange for all repairs to be made after paying funeral costs. Otherwise, you property may stay in probate for years. Expenses quickly add up, and not all budgets allow to prepare a house for the open market.

Disagreeing Siblings

If you and your siblings disagree on what to do with your mother’s house, you’re looking at another highly emotionally taxing situation. When a family house, with all its sentimental value, is inherited by multiple family members, it’s likely that not all of them want to sell it or have the same price in mind. The longer it takes to sell a home, the more you and your finances will be strained.

How Can I Quickly Sell My Inherited Property?

Whether the property is being probated or you’re looking to transfer the title through small estate affidavit or a trust, the easiest way to profit from your inherited home fast is to sell it to a real estate investor. This option means you avoid digging yourself into financial debts after an already devastating loss, and you fast-track your way to recovery with a quicker sale.

The Best House Buyers in Houston, TX

You naturally want to benefit from the fastest and most transparent real estate transaction available. If you inherited a property in Houston, TX or its surrounding area, you have a ready access to the best company with decades of experience in helping heirs to liquidate their unwanted residential real estate assets. The investors of Cash for Houses Houston TX provide superior service and fair cash offers to heirs ready to sell.

Leave Repairs and Settling Debts to Us

We offer you to sell your property As Is. Not only do you forgo having to fund or arrange repairs, but you also don’t have to worry about covering debts yourself. When you don’t have to pay to sell your home, you make money in a shorter time frame. No matter the damages or costs associated with debts, you can sell your property in any current condition to make a clear-cut profit.


You don’t have to stress over handling paperwork on your own, even when the property has legal issues. As investors, we want to buy your inherited house as soon as possible, which means we’ll streamline the process for you. We’ll contact creditors, negotiate settling the property’s debts, and help you come to an agreement with your stressed and disagreeing siblings to save you time, money, and energy.

The Speediest Transaction

When you try to sell a home on the traditional market, you can wait months for an offer that might not come. On the other hand, you can close a deal with a real estate investor in only 3-30 days. No matter your personal situation or the property’s condition itself, you can more completely heal from your loss after you sell fast.

We Offer Cash

Cash for Houses Houston TX will trade you cash for your inherited home with no surprise fees that make no sense. The transaction is simple and straightforward, and you can expect personable, welcoming service. In the end, you walk away with a profit you can count.

I Inherited a House and Want to Sell It. Where Do I Start?

Most often, an inherited property should go through probate. You need to find out if it should be probated, and if there is a will.

When Do I Need a Probate and What Is It?

Probate is a legal procedure that is needed to distribute an estate to the heir or heirs. The process involves authenticating the last will and testament if the deceased had one, and then dividing debts and any assets the deceased did not dispense while being alive. Under probate, property is assessed and debt payments are organized.

The executor of the will or court-appointed administrator (if there is no will), can sell a property while in probate instead of transferring the title to the heir(s), who would sell it afterwards. The type of the sale depends on the power of the executor or administrator. If the power is limited, a court confirmation and an auction will be required. Otherwise, the house can be sold in a private sale.

When Probate Is not Needed

The probate is not required when the property is held in a trust, when it was jointly owned with the right of survivorship (for example by spouses), or when the value of the estate is lower than a certain amount. In Texas it’s $75 000, excluding homestead and exempt property.

With no probate needed, the property can be sold after simpler procedures take place to transfer the title. An example of a case where you can sell a house without probate is one where the heir files a small estate affidavit and sells it after becoming the legal owner.

Call Us for Assistance

Understanding the legal process of selling an inherited property can be too hard to shoulder after a parent’s death. When you want to sell a house in probate or aren’t sure what should be done with the property, reach out to our professionals for advice. Our investors would be happy to walk you through what you need to do to sell the house in the quickest and easiest way.

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