Relieve Yourself of Worries When Selling a House With a Lien in Houston, Texas

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Selling a house with a tax lien or any other type of lien against it can be very overwhelming. You’ll have to deal with a long and drawn out process that requires you to resolve complicated issues. Let’s run through the steps you can take to sell your property, even if it is with delinquent taxes.

Sell Your Home With a Lien Against It With Minimum Effort

What Does It Take to Sell a Property That Has a Lien on It?

#1 Assess Your Home’s Worth by Getting Its Market Value

Make sure that you evaluate the type of lien – whether that’s property tax lien, federal tax lien, or any other kind of judgments against your property. This will help you to effectively settle liens when selling your property. You’ll have to determine your property’s market value. Work with an experienced real estate agent who understands your area’s market conditions and who is skilled at negotiating with potential buyers.

#2 Wait for a Good Offer

It will be challenging to find someone who will buy a property from a seller with taxes owed. Most buyers will require any liens to be paid off in order to ensure clear title is transferred. If you’re lucky, you may find a buyer who will purchase your home and talk to your creditors and reduce the amounts you owe. Assess all offers to see which is most profitable.

#3 Sign the Deed, Transfer to Buyer, and Pay All Taxes Owed

Settle tax obligations and pay debts at closing. You will have to work with the closing lawyer and provide him or her with the funds from the sale that cover the liens and any other fees that were not covered by the buyer. Be present at the closing to sign and finalize transfer documents.

#4 Call Your Lien Holders to Make Sure They Got Paid

Ensure clear and constant communication with lien holders and thoroughly check if they have received payment. Take all necessary steps to confirm that all liens have been recorded as paid in the county deed books.

Consider Selling With the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in Houston, Texas

Want to sell your home quickly even with back taxes but you’re thinking twice about your prospects? Cash for Houses Houston TX is ready to buy your property no matter what condition it is in.

We have been serving clients in Houston and the surrounding areas who can attest to how we provide the expertise and strategy to resolve your IRS lien and any other issues.

You Don’t Have to Make Home Repairs – We Buy As Is

Can’t seem to put your property on the market due to a lien over a child support that is owed? We’ll be interested to buy your home in its current condition no matter what. No need to make any repairs or renovations.

You Are Guaranteed a Quick Sale

We’ll help make the selling process seamless and work to buy your home fast, even if you’re facing a state tax lien, a lien for construction, or any other debts. We typically close deals within 3 to 30 days.

You Get Easy Cash

We close deals very quickly because we don’t rely on traditional bank financing and we don’t have to wait around and get mortgage or loan approval. You’ll get paid cash directly for your apartment, condo, or townhouse, regardless of liens against the property.

You Can Expect a Simplified Selling Process

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you and deal with all the lengthy paperwork and hassles that come with selling a property with liens. We’ll only require one quick walkaround to assess your property and make you a fair cash offer.

You Receive Your Payment Without Hidden Fees

We don’t charge any fees or commissions at any stage of the sales process. We’ll give you a free evaluation of the property and cover closing costs and any other expenses associated with the transaction.


Does Having a Lien Complicate the Sale of a Home?

There are options to consider when selling a house with liens, but the process can be very complicated. The task usually involves a lot of uncertainties for buyers. The best way to go about it is to pay off your debt if you can afford it. You may also try to propose a payment plan and negotiate with creditors to satisfy the debt.

You don’t have to go through all the stress that comes with selling your house with lien on an open market. Consider selling it to us and we’ll make you a fair cash offer regardless of the condition or situation. We are ready to handle all forms of liens placed against the property you’re trying to sell.

Is It Difficult to Sell a House if I Have a Judgment?

Selling a home with a judgment lien is very challenging, especially since you have to pay the creditor in full before a transaction can close and before you can receive proceeds from the sale. Most buyers will find your situation very tricky to navigate as the judgment lien may hinder them from obtaining funds to purchase your property.

If you choose to sell your property to us, we’ll work efficiently to get cash in your hands fast so you can settle the judgment lien. We’ll help get your house sold as soon as possible so you can resolve your financial issues, have a fresh start, and move on to better opportunities.

How Will I Make Selling a Home With an SBA Loan Lien Possible?

The SBA may put a lien on a business owner’s property because of failure to pay off loans or debts. It is difficult to find a buyer who will be willing to purchase a home with an SBA Loan Lien and take over the responsibility of handling the debt. In most cases, the seller will have to find a way to settle and remove a lien before listing the property on the market.

No need to deal with this complicated problem on your own. You can trust us to work with you and your creditors to resolve any type of lien issues so you can sell your house to us fast for cash.

Can You Suggest the Best Way to Sell a House With a Medicaid Lien?

Medicaid may put a lien on a property following the death of a beneficiary. When the property is up for sale, Medicaid will require that the proceeds be used as reimbursement for the cost of benefits paid on behalf of the bereaved beneficiary.

We are experts who can help you alleviate the Medicaid lien on your house so you can sell it fast for cash. We’ll negotiate the terms of the lien with Medicaid and remove all the debt obstacles so you can liquidate your property quickly. We’ll go the extra mile to give you a no-obligation fair cash offer and improve the home selling experience.

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