Here’s How to Sell Your Houston Home When Moving Abroad or Relocating for a Job

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Looking to sell your house ASAP so you can relocate easily and efficiently? Whether you’re moving for work or you’re selling up and moving abroad, getting rid of your house can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. These simple steps will help you take control of the situation and sell your house fast.

Selling Your House Prior to Relocation

Opt for Guaranteed Home Buyout

Employees can opt to utilize a guaranteed home buyout program when relocating and selling their home.

The process requires the property owner to list the home for sale with a real estate agent or as a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) listing. He or she is then expected to market the property for a specific time frame – usually between 60 to 120 days. If there are no buyers, the property owner can accept a guaranteed buyout offer, which is based on an appraised value of the property.

Under a guaranteed buy-out option, the employer or the relocation management company arranges for certified appraisals of the home. The values are averaged to get the sales price on which the offer given to the employee is based.

The buyout is guaranteed within a definite time period but the pre-negotiated rate is usually well below market value. Homeowners may also have to deal with confusing contract terms and hidden charges.

Choose to Sell Your House to Cash for Houses Houston TX

You don’t have to wait for months to find a serious buyer for your home. What you need is someone you can trust to give you a fair price and close a deal fast enough so you can focus on your relocation. Cash for Houses Houston TX can do that for you and more.

Our years of experience working with hundreds of clients in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas show that we go the extra mile to give you the security and cash you need in as little as three days.

You Get to Sell Your House Fast

In a guaranteed home buyout option, you’ll have to deal with marketing the house, finding a buyer, negotiations and transactions, and all the steps that come in between. With us, you’ll skip all the hassles and sell the property much faster. Sometimes you can have your home sold in as little as three days if there are no legal or other substantial issues with the property.

We Buy Your Home As Is

No need to fix up your property and ensure it’s in tip-top shape. There is nothing about the condition of your home that will prevent us from making a cash offer. Even if the house is falling apart or needs tons of renovations, we will take a quick look at your property and make you an offer—either on the spot or within a day.

We Pay Cash For Your Property

We are professional cash house buyers who finance all of our offers ourselves. You won’t have to wait for weeks or months for the mortgage approval from the bank because we don’t need a loan. We always have the cash on hand to purchase a property. The deal gets closed fast because we pay in cash, making it that much easier for you to relocate quickly.

House Selling Sans the Hassle

Working with us means that we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you without any fees or hidden charges. You’ll get a fair price for your home and we can close as quickly as possible. As soon as we buy your house, all of your responsibilities become ours. You’ll have the freedom to relocate conveniently and efficiently as you wish.

Moving and Need to Sell Your House Fast for Job Relocation?

More and more employers are offering job relocation packages for existing employees or new hires. About 70% of US companies are offering such incentives. It’s essential to check the specifics of your moving package so you’ll know what will be covered or reimbursed.

Some companies offer to pay the full cost of moving. This includes expenses for a professional moving company, transportation, packing and unpacking services, storage unit, and vehicle relocation.

Standard relocation packages typically cover the costs of temporary housing for a certain period of time. These include rent and utility fees. For employees who are relocating to a high-cost housing market, employers may also provide some downpayment for assistance.

Other companies go a step further by helping the employee sell his or her current home. Some provide real estate agent assistance to help the employee sell the property on the market for a specified time frame.

If this does not work out, then there’s the guaranteed buyout option. Under the program, the company buys the home on a buyout price and takes on the task of selling the property.

Some companies also help employees by paying for fees to break leases or other contracts.

What You Should Know About Moving Out of State Before Selling Your House

Selling your house while moving out of state is not as easy as it seems. You’ll be facing endless questions like “Will I be selling the property fast enough before the big move?” or “What happens if I’m unable to sell the property?”

Since your focus is to relocate as soon as possible, you’re tempted to just put your house on the market and move. But can you really afford to wait for weeks or months for a serious buyer? And how about being stuck paying two mortgage payments and managing all the stress of dealing with a number of buyers and real estate agents?

You don’t have to waste a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort into selling your property. When you work with us, you’ll get a hassle-free process that guarantees a fair price so you can move on with your life and have the security and cash you need.

We can close a deal in as little as three days and you won’t have to spend for any needed repairs. We’ll be interested in buying your house no matter the condition or situation. You’ll get a fast transaction without any commissions or hidden fees.

If Planning to Sell Your House While Living Abroad…

There are many things to consider when selling a house while living abroad. For one, you’ll have to adjust to different time zones when doing business with buyers from different continents. This means coping with many sleepless nights to iron out details of the transaction.

You must also be prepared to shell out money to send documents back and forth. There are also the complications of adding value to your property by fixing it up and paying for all the necessary repairs.

The good news is, there’s a better, faster, and easier way to sell your home. Contact Cash for Houses Houston TX and we’ll help you take the hassle out of selling your property from abroad.

We can give you a cash offer in less than 24 hours after visiting your property. Our straightforward process means that we’ll take care of all costs so we can buy your home in a timescale that suits your needs. You’ll get a fair price without any hidden charges and fees.

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