Don’t Let Mold Problems or Water Damage Delay the Sale of Your Houston TX Home!

houston water damage and mold

Properties that have mold or water damage are hard to sell traditionally. Fortunately, homeowners have an opportunity to profit from their houses in bad condition faster and easier than they think it’s possible.

What Home Sellers Go Through While Trying to Sell a House With Mold or Flood Damage

Unfortunately, people looking to purchase a home in Houston TX are known to be picky buyers. Most of them rarely consider to enter a transaction as soon as they learn about current as well as past issues such as flooding, and even minor water damage. Even a small amount of black mold in a house for sale is enough to scare a potential buyer away.

When you’re working with a real estate agent or listing your property “for sale by owner”, you have to deal with time-consuming and expensive leak repairs and mold inspections. Especially if your home has dealt with standing water after a flood and uncontrolled mold growth in the basement, you’re likely to need to take additional mold remediation and regrowth prevention measures. Expenses snowball and can even include a purchase and installation of a dehumidifier and updating HVAC insulation.

Even after doing all you can to repair your property, your home can still sit on the market for months. Its repair history will likely turn many potential buyers away because of the fear that problems, fixed not well enough, will return in a few months or years after they purchase your property.

How to Skip All These Problems

Fortunately, homeowners in Houston TX and its surrounding area have a more convenient option to sell their home than through a traditional real estate market. Despite having a history of water damage or mold infestations, with a company of real estate investors you will skip the hassle and expenses for all possible fixes. You will also avoid waiting months or years to finally get rid of your damaged property. An investor will make you a cash offer for selling your property As Is.

Cash for Houses Houston TX is comprised of real estate investors who will buy your house fast and in any condition. Our company that buys houses for cash has been in the Houston residential real estate market for decades, providing the quickest home buying service homeowners can count on.

Your Advantages When Choosing Us

The Speediest Transaction

The days of waiting an unknown stretch of time to sell your property are over. When you sell your house to us, you’re on the fast-track to closing a great deal on your home. We save you from wasting time for exhausting repairs and renovations before you can profit from your house. There are no dealing with realtors and lengthy negotiations with picky buyers. All this means you can have your property’s cash value in just 3 to 30 days from contacting us. You can expect to receive your offer the next or even the same day you give us a call. After a few days (normally 3 to 14) you will sign the contract, and in 72 hours or less you will receive the cash for your home.

Sell As Is—Skip All Repairs!

With Cash for Houses Houston TX, you sell your home As Is. This means you never have to worry about paying for expensive renovations and repairs, and you never have to sit around waiting for contractors to make your home livable, so you can finally find a buyer. As real estate investors, we see the value in your property in its current condition. We’ll handle expenses ourselves after giving you the cash, so you can walk away from a successful real estate transaction sooner than you thought possible.

We Offer Cash

We also save you from having to wait for checks in the mail or electronic funds transfer by handing over your property’s value in nothing but cash! No matter what your reason for selling your home quickly is, we’ll make sure we can get you the money you need and deserve as soon as possible. We streamline the process of selling your home, so all you have to do is simply pick up your cash offer and enjoy your money.

Fair Deal

While other companies that buy houses hide fees and expenses in their paperwork and slam you with unexpected costs, we value being transparent and honest. Cash for Houses Houston TX saves homeowners from realtor commissions, closing costs, or any repairs that come up down the road. Regardless of what happens after we finalize our deal, your cash offer stays entirely yours. If you’re a Houston homeowner looking to sell your property with mildew smell, mold or water damage, look no further.

Tailored Service

We have extensive experience in making real estate transactions streamlined and simple for our clients. Cash for Houses Houston TX treat each and every customer with respect and care. We often work with people who are going through various kinds of stressful events that make them sell their property fast, and we always try to find the best solution for each situation. Because our process is just as fast as it is convenient, we’ll meet you at your home whenever it works with your schedule.

Knowledge Base

What are my options if I need to sell a house after a flood or with a mechanical water damage?

Water damage from a natural disaster or issues with plumbing can wreak havoc on a home’s value and leave the homeowner with a long list of repairs and expenses to work through before being able to sell the property. There are two options for you to consider when your house has been flooded, when you’re dealing with a wet, leaky basement, or if your property is soaked from the ground-up.

The first option is selling your property using the services of a real estate agent or a broker. As it’s very unlikely to sell it As Is on the traditional market, it takes a toll on your finances, costs you time, and often requires around-the-clock effort. The traditional route requires you to hire contractors to make leak repairs and other fixes of water damage. Additionally, you are responsible for mold inspection, removal and regrowth prevention measures. You also pay realtor commissions and various hidden fees.

The second option saves you from spending money to earn money. You can skip the headaches of fixing your home’s issues and sell your property As Is to a company that buys houses, such as ours. This route is simple, straightforward, and ends with you walking away with nothing but cash in 3 to 30 days.

What should I disclose to a buyer about my property having water damage or toxic mold in Texas?

A person who is selling a house in Texas is required to disclose any damage to the property that can be found through an average investigation. You are not expected to take your house apart to see every hidden issue, but at the same time it’s a bad idea to try selling a property with mold in basement and pretend you had no idea about it. Those who try to intentionally hide damage, in favor of receiving a more attractive offer, can face a serious lawsuit later on. Whether the homeowner left a leaky basement not disclosed or glossed over a moldy attic, it’s a risk of being sued. With this in mind, it is ultimately in your best interest to conduct a good investigation to find out any damages your property has, and disclose them during the transaction.

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